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With the determination of Strikey still strong to bring back Ultimate Fighting Dawgs, Strikey gained support from his brother "Double-Barrel" or ( DBarrel ) and with the assistance of Madman to help bring back the strong Community that UFD once had. after planning how to bring back UFD there Uncle the old Co-Owner of UFD "Wolverine" has shown his support in helping to create Ultimate Fighting Dawgs Reborn! Bringing back some people that where once apart of Ultimate Fighting Dawgs. As it stands Ultimate Fighting Dawgs has returned for a second time with the New Version of Counter-Strike:Global offensive.

CS:GO Server 20Slot:

Mumble Server:
Port: 65535
Password: ufd

Steam Community:

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During the year 2000 the time of Counter-Strike 1.5 a group of friends decided they liked the game enough and wanted to see the more competitive side of the game, so after planning they decided to form a team call "Underdawgs" when Counter-Strike 1.6 was Released they were slowly beinging to make a name for themselves however shortly after Counter-Strike Source was Released. The leader at the time ( Darklord ) wanted to change there approach to the New Version of Counter-Strike. After the other members agreed Underdawgs was forever changed to "Ultimate Fighting Dawgs" in 2005. From that point Ultimate Fighting Dawgs began to create a good Community base and started off with a bigger plan by entering into the popular leagues such as Enemy Down, Clanbase and Team Warfare league as well as hosting there own Member Knockout Leagues, After a few years Ultimate Fighting Dawgs started to Expand into other popular games such as Eve Online,Team Fortress 2 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare however the future of Ultimate Fighting Dawgs started to look dark as the team started to crumble as members started to leave gaming all together or moved to other games such as World of warcraft during this time, Strikey..... determined not to see the legacy of UFD die stayed and slowly started to re-create the team and for a period it was successful as UFD began entering into more Harder leagues such as "Cyber Athlete Amateur League or CAL" and entering Compitions in Enemy Down and walked away with a few Bronze Cups and a Hall of Fame record in 2v2 on Clanbase with the Players Strikey and Madman after all of that Sadly in 2009 Ultimate Fighting Dawgs finially met its demise.

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The Rebirth of Ultimate Fighting Dawgs is in dedication to the Memory of "Valius", a Member who played aslong side Darklord and Wolverine since Underdawgs! it is because of this dedication that we have created a new clan, a new community, a high speed CS:GO server with voice servers and a website, and it will not cost any member a thing.

We play for "Valius", and we will win, for him.